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Your locs are special & sacred, and that’s how we treat them at Designerae–a renowned natural loc care salon in Cincinnati. Whether you are looking for loc maintenance, loc detoxing, styling, or starting your locs, our Cincinnati loc specialist has got you covered. Our process is simple, quick and convenient, so you can enjoy smooth & good-looking locs the same day. Going beyond just a loc salon, we educate and empower you to make good decisions about your locs. Your locs should not stop growing, and neither should you!

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Explore Our Services To Start Loving Your Locs

Black women-owned and operated, Designerae is a professional and upbeat natural hair care salon that offers a warm and welcoming environment. Our owner, Desirae is a famous Cincinnati loc specialist who individually connects with each client and strives to deliver personalized locs. We offer various hair care services like locs maintenance, loc color, styling, and much more. Wrap around to learn more about our services.

Loc Maintenance

Locs are low maintenance - not no maintenance. They do need love and care to stay healthy lifelong... At Designerae, we leverage a specialized loc maintenance method to pamper your locs and give them the care they deserve. We have thorough experience dealing with multiple hair types and textures. Our loc maintenance service includes thorough shampooing, conditioning, and hot oil treatment using exclusive "Healing Honee."

Loc Detoxing/Deep cleaning

Locs are definitely a person's pride, but over time they might get damaged.. due to product residue build-up, mold, and mildews from neglect or improper care. If you are loc'd, connect with a Cincinnati loc specialist to get premium loc clearing & styling. At Designerae, we are committed to deep cleaning and removing build-up & mould via detoxing. We always use 100% natural loc detoxing and cleansing products to prevent damage to your locs.

Custom Color

Our commitment to delivering excellent and exceptional customer.. service is reflected in every hair coloring service we perform. Whether you are looking to cover gray simply, or are interested in a double process color we can assure you of a fresh stunning loc look every time. This service starts with a consultation with one of our licensed cosmetologists so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation now and let's bring your vision to life.

Loc Starting and Loc Start Consultation

Do you wish to start Locs with a beautiful foundation? ..If yes, congratulations on choosing to be one of the rising loc stars in the world. At Designerae, we have accompanied hundreds of loc seekers to attain long, healthy, beautiful locs. With the most reputed locticians, we can help you pick the right method, size, and parting style best suited for your lifestyle and the look you desire. Don't wait anymore, and schedule a consultation today.

Loc Styling

Do you want a new look for a special event or occasion? That bold style describes your unique personality. Loc styling includes beautiful barrel rolls, braids, twists, ropes, buns, curls, and so much more… Styling your hair does not have to be a chore; let us do the legwork here. Our styles are guaranteed to be both beautiful but also take into consideration your comfort and what's best for your hair... At Designerae, we are trained to create styles that are as unique as you. Schedule your appointment now with Cincinnati loc specialist.

Shop For The Healing Honee Products Online

Designerae creates two unique natural hair care products that can be used for both locs and natural hair. The first is The Healing Honee: a unique blend of oils designed to eliminate dryness, lock in moisture, and add shine. This product has a honey-like consistency and can be used warm as a hot oil treatment or at room temperature, like hair grease. Our products are designed under the supervision of a Cincinnati loc specialist who shares secrets to keep locs sacred. Known for its soothing smell of peppermint and tea tree oils, it stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth. The Honee Oil works in conjunction with The Healing Honee as a natural lightweight scalp oil. The Honee Oil is a beautiful blend of natural oils that hydrate and nourish the hair and skin! Head straight to our online store to shop 100% natural hair care products today.

We Care About Your Locs Like Ours


Finding a perfect loc salon can be daunting, but it is extremely rewarding to connect with loc professionals. At Designerae, we believe that hair defines one’s personality in many ways and tells a unique story. We have Cincinnati loc specialists who understand the significance of looking and feeling at your best. Beautiful locs can play a vital role in building confidence and is truly a journey of self-love.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional hair care services using natural products to promote healing, health, and growth. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted loc salon in Cincinnati, here are some reasons to trust us.

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