Effective Tips To Protect Your Locks & How to Clean it

Flaunting your beautiful locs in front of others brings a different feeling! Locs are rope-like hair strands that form after twisting hair and stay for longer, even without combing. Being one of the trendiest hairstyles requires special care to keep them clean and maintain a natural look. You must be wondering the ways to protect locs from intense damage. Here is the perfect blog for you that will guide you with proven tips to provide gentle care to your locs. 

7 Best Tips & Tricks to Follow! 

Dreadlocks require extra care and support compared to normal hair as they follow a different washing and brushing technique along with a moisturization routine. So, let’s take a look at the preventive measures and best tricks and tips to understand how you  can protect our locs:

1. Proper Use of Shampoo & Conditioners 

The first step is washing your locs at least once a week at least. It is a general misconception that we should delay washing locs, but in reality, washing locs can eliminate oil and dirt from the layer. Use natural brand shampoo and conditioners for your locs as you follow a normal hair routine. It has conditioning agents that provide a cleansing effect to locs without damaging the pattern. However, it is advisable not to overwash your locs. Otherwise, your scalp gets dry, which might create itchiness and flakiness. 

2. Don’t Forget to Dry Your Locs 

After washing your locs, let them dry properly by squeezing extra water from the hair completely. Keeping it wet for longer can make it vulnerable to damage and further breakages. So, wrap it with a towel to soak the water. 

3. Pick The Right Brush 

To maintain your locs, you should use soft and comfortable hair brushes that do not disrupt the interlocked strands. Avoid using hard materials that can affect the tangled part. Brushing stimulates hair growth in the right direction, prevents matting, removes any debris formed on the surface and enhances the overall look. 

4. Use Cover During Bedtime 

In the night, before heading towards bed, you can develop the habit of wearing a cover to protect the hair from tangling. There are hair covers available on the market. Otherwise, you can use a scarf and any cloth to keep the area preserved to prevent any damage to the locks. Additionally, for extra care, avoid using a hard pillow it can also affect your locs levelings. 

5. Don’t Forget Moisturization Routine 

Follow the habit of daily moisturising your locs using a spray and gel on the surface. It helps provide essential nutrients that encourage hair growth and maintain development. If your locs miss out on the moisturising effect, it will create damage to the scalp and increase breakage. As dreadlocks tighten your hair strands, it does need nourishment to maintain circulation and not restrict hair growth.  You can use the best serums to build a protection layer from breakage and damage. 

6. Avoid Using Heavy Products 

Use heavy products with high oil content or beeswax to maintain the natural shine of your locs. These products can create frizziness or make your scalp greasy, attracting more dirt. Instead, you can use a lightweight product that doesn’t affect your locs texture and also maintains growth. 

7. Don’t Heat Up Your Locs 

For your locs, avoid using blow dry or other styling products that create heat for your hair. It can damage your locs from hair strands roots that disrupt the growth and increase breakage. You can use natural sunlight to dry your locs and enjoy the perfectly done locs without inconvenience. 

Can We Trim Our Hair Locs?

Like normal hair, you can follow a trimming habit for locs, as it also forms a split end at the end, creating a different look. So, there is no harm in getting a little bit of trimming on locs; it is advisable to visit any salon for experts who will do it with perfection. Mostly in kids, the hair growth becomes faster and requires occasional trims; however, if you find your locs in perfect shape, it is not required to get trimmed. 


Also, locs trim requires a different set of scissors for better finishing, so if you are not experienced, it is better to reach out to hair experts for services. 

Designerae: Your Ultimate Hair Salon!

So, overall, you must understand how crucial locs maintenance is to keep locs healthy and nourished. Designerae, your perfect hair salon in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers the best expert to guide you for locs, its protection and sessions for loc maintenance. Consulting with hair experts and professional teams will provide better assistance and help you know the best way to keep it natural. Also, our team will guide you on the best products that suit your hair texture and leverage its growth. Connect with our team and visit our salon for the ultimate loc maintenance services with the best care! 

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