Lint is by far the most common buildup that affects people with locs. Lint not only diminishes your locs but can also cause swelling, itching or irritation. No matter how versatile and beautiful dreadlocs are, taking proper care of them is crucial to protect them from debris, dirt, and, of course, lint. It is important to be diligent about grooming and taking protective measures to keep locs neat, tidy, and fresh. Removing lint completely from locs is not possible but it is always recommended to prevent locs from getting lint with various techniques and methods. However, there are many home-based loc lint prevention tips and remedies which do not always work. So, if you are wondering how to avoid getting lint in locs, this blog is for you. 

Let’s start with a basic understanding of lint in locs – why and how?

What Is Lint In Locs?

Lint is the most common type of build-up in locs. They are tiny, short fibers from fabrics like sweaters, pillowcases, towels, wool hats, and scarves. In fact, weather is another prominent reason that promotes lint in locs. Winter is usually a peak season for lint in locs. A small amount of lint is hard to detect in locs until and unless there is an accumulation. 

Locs easily catch lint and quickly get twisted together. Though lint is not dirty, nor does it harm your locs, it creates white patches in the locs, which causes discoloration issues. This leaves your locs looking unhealthy and unclean. Want to know how to avoid getting lint, read the section below. 

Most Effective Loc Lint Prevention Tips Shared By Our Expert!

It is difficult to stop separating thin fibers from fabric pillowcases, sweaters, bed sheets, scarves, t-shirts, and any other cloth that comes close to your hair or head. But you can always avoid getting them in your locs. Let’s look at some of the most effective loc lint prevention tips below. 

Keeping Hair Covered 

One of the first and foremost tips to prevent getting lint in locs is keeping your head covered while sleeping, going out, or cleaning your house, car, or anything. You can wear hats, scarves, and headscarves to ensure your locs are safe and prevent them from getting lint. Wondering which cloth is good to cover the head? Clothes made of satin or silk will work best for you. 

Hair Coloring 

As you know, lint creates white patches in your locs, which are sometimes hard to remove. So, once they’re embedded in your locs, they have to be colored. You can either highlight your locs or go with the global hair color; it will maintain the vibrancy and appearance of your new look by hiding lint in locs. You can talk to a professional loctician about hair coloring services regarding lint in locs. 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is one of the best loc lint prevention tips that you must follow. To avoid lint in locs, you can regularly palm-roll or retwist your locs to keep them neat and tidy. The more you care for your locs, the less lint will accumulate in your locs. 

Avoid Heavy Lint-Attracting Products 

There are some heavy hair products that can leave residues and attract lint in locs. You must avoid using these products to ensure your locs are lint-free. Always use natural and lightweight products designed for locs like The Honee Oil. Also, be sure to wash your locs thoroughly without leaving any residue behind. 

Dry Locs Properly  

Another essential tip to avoid getting lint in locs is drying locs properly after shampooing. You should squeeze out excess water from locs gently without rubbing your hair. You can use a clean and fiber-free (microfiber) towel to blot your locs carefully. In fact, you can air-dry your locs whenever possible. This will prevent lint from getting in your locs. 

Prevent Your Locs From Getting Lint With Designerae

We shared all the effective loc lint prevention tips for you. There is no doubt that dreadlocks look beautiful and help reflect your culture. But keeping lint at bay is the real challenge for people who wear dreadlocks. You can follow the above-mentioned prevention tips to protect your locs from getting lint. If you’re facing difficulty preventing lint from your locs, you can consider hair color services – an effective way to keep locs beautiful. 

Designerae, the best hair salon in Cincinnati, Ohio, US, offers premium and unmatched hair color services for your locs. Whether you want hair color services, loc maintenance, repair, or detox services, we’re your one-stop solution. Speak to our loctician to discuss your needs. 

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