Different types of locs

Straight, curly, or wavy hairstyles are the most common and prevalent hairstyles worldwide. But the one hairstyle that has captivated the attention of people worldwide is – locs. It is the most distinctive hairstyle, widely recognized for its unique and exclusive features. One thing that makes these locs unparalleled is their “types.” Yes, there are different types of locs, which have amazing looks, features, and maintenance routine. Since there are a variety of locs available, it becomes difficult to choose the loc style that suits the personality. If you don’t know about the type of locs available and which one will be suitable for you, this is a must-read blog for you. 

In this blog, we will explain the different types of locs to you, locs maintenance tips, and a lot more. Without much ado, let’s start from scratch.

What Are Locs?

Locs, majorly known as dreadlocs, is a type of hairstyle in which hair strands are twisted around each other into thick strands. This type of hairstyle is known as a “protective hairstyle,” used to preserve and style natural hair. This hairstyle has been quite popular among Africans for centuries. 

Tracking back the history of locs, which are known to have their origin in ancient Egypt, dating as far back as 500 BC, were worn by the Minoan Civilization from central Greece, the earliest follower of Christianity in the Middle East, and the Dervishes of Islam. 

A Glimpse Of Different Types Of Locs 

Interested in trying a new loc hairstyle but unsure where to start? Keep reading ahead to know the different types of locs to pick the best option for you. Look at the types of locs given below: 

Traditional locs

On the list of the different types of locs, the first loc type we have is – traditional locs, which is most recognized in the locs world. Traditional locs are of a diameter of 5-14mm, ranging from medium to large. Due to the large group of hair, traditional locs are installed by making finger coils or comb coils in one’s hair. The coils are placed using gel through hair strands. Further, traditional locs can’t be flat ironed or hot curled because of large hair, and that’s why they are better suited for Afro-textured hair. 




If you want a voluminous, versatile, and beautiful look, Microlocs is your go-to option. Smaller than traditional locs, microlocs can be as small as 0.6cm. These locs are formed by interlocking hair, twisting, or braiding. You can have like 500-1000 plus microlocs on your hair, depending upon the head. Unlike traditional locs, microlocs can easily be flat-ironed and curled. Since microlocs are very small in size, the installation process is time-consuming and can be pretty costly, too. This hairstyle is best suited for curlier and kinkier hair types. 




The appearance of sisterlocs is like microlocs, with a loc diameter ranging from 2-3mm (toothpick width). Developed by JoAnne Cornwell, sisterlocs is a loc technique and training program, which is created using a good number of strands, about 300-1000 plus, into thin locs. Among the different types of locs, sisterlocs are easy to style without altering the natural texture of your hair. This is one of the most expensive loc styles because it can only be installed by a trained loctician. Sisterlocs are defined as “a natural hair management system that creates tiny style able-locks,” as per its official website.



Freeform locs 

These locs are created naturally and are easy to form or maintain without having to retwist or detangle. The less maintenance makes freeform locs the cheapest loc style you could have. The best part is that freeform locs can suit any hair type, and several styling options are available for this loc style. This hairstyle is not recommended to people working on construction sites or kids as it encourages the buildup of dirt in the hair; that’s why washing your hair once every week is essential.



Instant locs

Looking for instant transformation of your hair? If yes, instant locs should be your go-to option. This hairstyle is created using a tiny crochet hook to knot up a series of very small hair knots, which eventually form a unified loc. Like freeform locs, instant locs are also installed in any hair type. However, this hairstyle is most commonly preferred by people with finer hair. 



Florida wicks

Among the different types of locs, Florida wicks are considered a large loc type, with a diameter of 2-5 inches. But, the size of wick locs differs from person to person and are created in three ways, which include: 

  • Combining existing locs using crochet needles with individual locs as one. 
  • Wick extensions are used with crochet needles to create one loc.
  • The Rubberband method is used to fuse loose afro hair to create a large loc.


Semi-freeform locs

Known as a medium-large loc type with a 5-14mm diameter, semi-freedom locs are exclusively created with palm rolling. The fact is that palm rolling allows your locs to grow organically without any manipulation. The best thing about semi-freeform locs is that you can either do it yourself or get it done by a professional loctician. Like traditional locs, you can’t flat iron or hot curl locs. 



Effective Loc Maintenance Tips For You To Follow 

You know that dreadlocs are a great hairstyle to accentuate your hair’s beauty. Just like natural hairstyles, locs require proper maintenance to keep them looking and feeling healthy. Here are some crucial loc maintenance tips you must follow to enjoy healthy, beautiful, and different types of locs for a long time. 

Scalp Cleansing 

The very first step that comes in loc maintenance is scalp cleansing. A thorough scalp cleansing is highly required to ensure that all the dirt and debris are eliminated before twisting. If you go to a salon, the loctician will use a professional loc shampoo or cleanser, which removes dirty oil while preserving the natural oil in the scalp. 


Everyone wants to have healthy and shiny-looking hair, and you’re no exception. Conditioning is the most essential step in maintaining the different types of locs. This step helps retain natural oil in hair while moisturizing the locs. If you have dry, frizzy, or colored hair, conditioning is the must-step for you to maintain your locs.

Hot Oil Treatment 

In order to keep locs healthy and robust, hot oil treatment is the must step for you to follow. This treatment helps retain all the nutrients in locs while ensuring extra strength to hair follicles. Counting on a professional for hot oil treatment is what will keep your locs healthy and shiny. 

Locs Detoxing 

Just like scalp cleansing, locs detoxing is also crucial in keeping your locs good-looking and maintaining hygiene. Locs detoxing is essential in removing dirt, buildup, residue, and impurities from within the locs themselves. 

Keep Your Locs Healthy & Good-Looking With Designerae

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