10 Best Methods For Starting Locs For Beginners

10 Best Starter Locs Style Ideas for Beginners

  So, you are bored of the same hairstyle and decided to change it. Wearing locs is one of the best experiences that one can enjoy. Various locs styles can be easily created to get the transformed look. When starting with the locs, people usually think they are expensive, painful, and need regular maintenance. However, […]

Tips And Tricks To Protect Your Locs and Keep Them Clean

Effective Tips To Protect Your Locks & How to Clean it

Flaunting your beautiful locs in front of others brings a different feeling! Locs are rope-like hair strands that form after twisting hair and stay for longer, even without combing. Being one of the trendiest hairstyles requires special care to keep them clean and maintain a natural look. You must be wondering the ways to protect […]

How To Avoid Getting Lint In Your Locs?

Lint is by far the most common buildup that affects people with locs. Lint not only diminishes your locs but can also cause swelling, itching or irritation. No matter how versatile and beautiful dreadlocs are, taking proper care of them is crucial to protect them from debris, dirt, and, of course, lint. It is important […]

Starter Locs For Men: Types, Maintenance Tips, And More

Starter Locs For Men

  If you are looking for a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle, look no further than starter locs for men. It is the most gorgeous hairstyle that has been gaining popularity for its versatility. Not only are starter locs the most fashionable hairstyle these days, but they also offer benefits for your hair. Whether you have […]

How To Moisturize Locs Properly To Keep Them Healthy For Long?

moisturize locs

Fed up from the dry or frizzy locs? Do you want to moisturize your locs to look healthy? Do you have major concerns about how to moisturize locs properly? If you are nodding your head, you are reading the right blog. When it comes to moisturizing the locs, people are usually confused about the right […]

What Is The Loc Method?

What Is The Loc Method?

Some people have naturally curled hair, and some get it done at a salon. Curly or coiled hair looks attractive and beautiful, but the sad part is that this type of hair is not easy to maintain. Regardless of the time and effort you put into managing this hair, it nevertheless looks messy and frizzy. […]

A List Of Different Types Of Locs And Maintenance Tips

A List Of Different Types Of Locs And Maintenance Tips

Straight, curly, or wavy hairstyles are the most common and prevalent hairstyles worldwide. But the one hairstyle that has captivated the attention of people worldwide is – locs. It is the most distinctive hairstyle, widely recognized for its unique and exclusive features. One thing that makes these locs unparalleled is their “types.” Yes, there are […]

How Do You Wash Locs At Home? A Beginner-Friendly Guide

How Do You Wash Locs At Home

Locs are one versatile and protective hairstyle that is a savior for those who don’t want to spend hours maintaining hair daily. It is true that locs need less maintenance than other hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for them. Over time, locs get dirt and store the product buildup that […]

Find Out Why Your Locs Are Thinning? Detailed Synopsis!

Find Out Why Your Locs Are Thinning? Detailed Synopsis!

Some call it ‘dreadlocks’, ‘locs’, or ‘dreads’; but they are all the same. You can see many people with tangled hair. They are amazing hairstyles that men and women both wear. However, consistent maintenance is necessary to retain their original look. If you follow a meticulous procedure to care for your locs, you will have […]

7 Crucial Things To Know Before Starting Locs

Loc maintenance In Chicago

Planning to get locs? There are several things to know before you book your appointment. If this is your first time, this post is especially for you. Read, think, and start! For some, locs are a carfree world and a low-maintenance thing; sorry for the spoiler, folks; the reality is far from that. Beautiful locs […]